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ast#0058 is coming


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ast#056 Hoffman&Heathertoes "Kaunastic Relapse of Idiosyncrasies: The Baltic Innoculation and other wayward ditties" by Zan Hoffman & Hubert Heathertoes

A premise of a new album with Mr Hoffman

Compilatory track for Time to fly project

Compilatory track on a cassette from Hungary

compilatory track on Static Fanatic website

ast#0055 Zan Hoffmann & Hubert Heathertoes "The facets of serendipitous occurence (Boiro saga​

ast#0054 Hubert Heathertoes and Hopek Quirin " Travelling and its outgrowing motives"

The soft sigh of the severance

new episode on mixcloud

ast#0053 Heathertoes and Sindre Bjerga "Double exposure"