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The soft sigh of the severance

The early bedazzlement is long gone now When you feel that the same notions that made you tread this path dwindled in a sincere withstand of the worship The elongation of the shadows The futile chase of the only one that gives you the illusion of coincidence But dwells in the possibility Not probability
I heard the soft, muffled encouragement that was never sure but persevered through the perturbing exaltation and sparkling but not devout of excuses, demeanour of little vivacious festival lost somewhere between the fatality of blood bond and the awareness of the connections you make as you progress ... As all the words at the momentarily disposal are long gone the contents of the refilled and refined finds its obelisk demure and engraved with seemingly nonsense scatterings The page turner of the Capital Letter The swaying alertness of the pursuit. In the meantime You look into the shivering image in the polished worktop of grievances the dough of ostensible control you try to…

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